Institutional information

The ArtRencontre – Association for the Promotion of Education, Culture, and Art is a private civil foundation, non-profit-making organizations, and it is governed by the Statutes and other legal provisions applicable under the Croatian legal system and subject to Act on Association of the Republic of Croatia.

Its registered office is Istarska 19, Pula, Croatia, and registration number: 18003250.

The Association is registered on 14.01.2019. as a non-profit organization and its principal purpose is to disseminate the work of artists (Slavko Kopac) through the collection of works at the Association and art exhibitions, as well as to organize and support complementary activities, such as seminars, children’s’ workshops, creative camps, educational activities, poetry readings, etc.

The representation, governance, administration, and disposal of the Associations assets fall to the responsibility of an Association managing board which was originally formed by a group of Slavko Kopac’s art admirers. Under no circumstances do the members of the Association’s management board receive any form of retribution for carrying out the duties related to their position or for any other services.